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An Introduction to English Vowels Pronunciation

Greetings, ADM Assistant students,

Vowels in English

The Vowels in English:
Pronunciation is important: Beer
Pronunciation is important: Ship

International Phonetic Alphabet.(IPA)
And here is a little explanation about the differences among the vowels and the different alphabets:

During this month, we are going to concentrate on these sounds:
/a/   /e/   /i/   /æ/   /ǝ/   /ɛ/   /ɚ/   /ʌ/   /ɝ/ = / ɜː/
During the second month, we are going to concentrate on these sounds:
/ɪ/   /ʊ/   /u/   /ɔ/   /o/   /aɪ/   /aʊ/   /ɔɪ/

Go to this site and listen carefully the following links:

Now, let’s start by the “Sounds of English”

Minimal pairs: nounLinguistics
A pair of words, as pin and bin, or bet and bed, differing only by one sound in the same position in each word, especially when such a pair is taken as evidence for the existence of a phonemic contrast between the two sounds.

 Minimal Pairs: Ship or sheep:
Sheep – Ship:  /i: / /i/
/I/ Pronunciation English Meeting ESL
Bet – Bat: /e/   /æ/
Bet – Bait: /e/  /ei/
Bat – Bad: /æ/ /æː/
Cat – Cut: /æ/  /ʌ/
Cat – Cart: /æ/  /ɑː/
 Cart - Cut: /ɑː/  /ʌ/
Cut – Curt: /ʌ/  / əː/
Look – Loop: /u/ /uː/
Cart – Caught: /ɑː/  /oː
Caught - Cot: /oː/  /o/
Caught - Coat: /oː/  /əʊ/
Caught – Curt: /oː/  / əː/
Curt – Cot:  /əː/ /o/
Coat – coot: /əʊ/ / uː/
Darling – dialing: /ɑː/  /aiᵊ/
Air – A : /eː/  /ei/
Tail – toil: /ei/  /oi/
Tail – Tell: /ei/  /e/
Tail – Tile: /ei/  /ai/
Tile – toil: /ai/  /oi/
Hour – are: /au  / ɑː/

Poor pronunciation HURTS:
Finally, relax and enjoy a bit of “I Love Lucy”

 IPA for writing:

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