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Reported Speech... Rules for a better understanding


 Reported Speech - Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
Direct Speech
Direct speech with quotation marks: "l learn at school".

Reported Speech Speech:
Reported Speech: He said he worked in a bank.
The tenses, word-order, pronouns are different from those in the direct speech sentence.
Direct SpeechReported Speech
Jake says: "I bought some DVDs."Jake says that he bought some DVDs.

Introduction Simple Present - English

Direct SpeechReported Speech
Susan saysI want an ice-cream.Susan says that she wants an ice-cream.

Reported Speech Speech: Change of tenses

IntroductionTenses Direct SpeechTenses Reported Speech
Ann said:want ice-cream.Ann said that she wanted ice-cream.
Simple PastSimple PresentSimple Past
Simple PastSimple Past
Present PerfectPast Perfect
Past Perfect
Simple Pastwillwould
Reported Speech: 'to be'
Simple Pastam/is/arewas/were
Simple Pastwas/were
have/has been
had been
had been

The Past Perfect Tense does not change in the Reported Speech.

Questions - Reported Speech English

Do you like Jake?
She asked me if/whether I liked Jake.

Questions with questions words-  Reported Speech

Who is your friend?”
She asked me who my friend was.

Commands Reported Speech - English

“Sit down!” - The teacher told them to sit down.
“Drink a lot of tea!” - He told us to drink a lot of tea.

Changes - Reported Speech

The tenses, word-order, pronouns are different from those in the direct speech sentence.

Change of pronouns - Change of place and time - Reported Speech

 Direct SpeechReported Speech
(Reported speech)
Change of pronounsI
⇒ he/she
⇒ they
⇒ his/her
⇒ my
⇒ their
⇒ him/her
⇒ them
Change of place and timehere
this morning
next week
next month
⇒ there
⇒ that day
⇒ that morning
⇒ the day before
⇒ the next day
⇒ the following week
⇒ the following month

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